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History of Salado

1834 - Earliest white settlers in this area ("Three Forks")
1836 - Pioneer settlers abandon area due to frequent Indian attacks & the invasion by General Santa Anna and the Mexican Army
1836 - Texas Independence from Mexico declared - Republic of Texas established
1843-45 - Anglo settlers begin to return to Little River-"Three Forks" area
1845 - Texas annexed to the U.S.
1849 - Willingham family living on Salado Creek
1850 - 57 Anglos enumerated in 1850 census living around Salado Creek
1850 - Bell County created from the Old Milam Land District on January 18th
1852 - Salado Post Office established
1859 - Salado College Joint Stock Company created, village named "Salado"
1860 - Lots in the village of Salado sold to help finance new College
1860 - Salado College opens
1862-65 - Bell County involved in Civil War
1866-85 - Chisholm Trail cattle drives through this area
1867 - Salado incorporates to build bridge across Salado Creek
1880 - The Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railroad reaches Temple
1882 - The Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railroad reaches Belton

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