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About Us

In 1979, the Ladies Auxiliary of the Salado Chamber of Commerce named a special committee to form an organization for those interested in preserving the history of Salado.  They realized that Salado's historical legacy is a major contributor both to drawing new residents to the area and attracting visitors in a community where history is more than a word.  The Salado Historical Society is the result of this effort. As the only entity specifically created to preserve the rich heritage of our village, the Society is guided by two basic purposes.

  • To collect information and exhibits which can help to establish or illustrate the exploration, settlement, and development of the area. To accomplish this, the Historical Society works to preserve and make available to any interested party those records, archives, and other documents that may help to illustrate the history of Salado and the immediate area.

  • To work cooperatively with national, state, area, and village officials to preserve the historical integrity of the Village. To accomplish this, the Society seeks to identify and preserve the Village's historic buildings, monuments, and markers and to ensure that any new construction or renovations within the Village's historic district conforms to the guidelines established for this district.
The effectiveness of the Historical Society in achieving these two purposes is evident in the list of its accomplishments. These include:
  • Organizing and sponsoring the Home Tour conducted during the Christmas Stroll
  • Working with the Bell County Museum to establish the mini-museum located in the Civic Center
  • Dismantling and restoring the Boles Akin cabin located behind the Civic Center
  • Moving the Denman cabin from the Barton House to its current location behind the Civic Center
  • Cleaning-up the West Salado Cemetery
  • Donating the doors for the restoration of the Salado United Methodist Church historic sanctuary
  • Securing Texas Historical Markers and National Register Marker for Historic Sites and Homes
  • Stabilizing the ruins of Salado College
  • Helping to establish the Salado Historic District
  • Producing the CD for the Salado Driving Tour and placing the markers indicating each of the historic sites
  • Producing the documentation required for the village to receive 12 Texas Landmark Awards
  • Monitoring the water quality in Salado Creek
  • Providing Scholarships to Salado High School students
  • Providing and maintaining the Salado Historic District street markers
  • Organizing and burying a time capsule to be opened in 2052--Salado's bicentennial
  • Working with Village officials to review and ensure compliance with ordinances related to maintaining the historic district

At the Society's April 2 meeting, Charlie Turnbo, 1st Vice President of the Salado Historical Society presented his new book, Salado, Texas - Frontier College Town. It details much of the history of our Village. It is a history rich with meaning. While the members of the Salado Historical Society have served as guardians of this history for almost thirty years, maintaining the legacy of those who came before remains a constant challenge. Historical Society believes that those who live in this special village located beside Salado Creek are stewards of that legacy. So, any who are interested in helping to preserve Salado's legacy are invited to become a member of your Historical Society.

Dr. Wallace Davis, President
April 2, 2007

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