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We will be discussing the era that begins with the founding of the Village of Salado and Salado College in 1859 which was some 14 years after Texas became part of the United States. The Post Office had been established here in 1852, one of only 3 in Bell County.   Salado was a stop on the stage line from Waco to Austin. At the time of the creation of Salado, Belton was the county seat just as it is now.   

Temple, our larger neighbor to the north, did not exist until the Santa Fe Railroad came through in 1880.  Salado was founded before the Civil War and survived that terrible episode in American history as well as the reconstruction that followed. It was very important as a center for education and the agricultural industry that utilized the 8 mills on Salado Creek.

At the time of the opening of Salado College in 1860, Austin was a town of about 3500 people, and Dallas was the "booming metropolis" of 678 after receiving its town charter 4 years earlier in 1856. Baylor and Southwestern Universities had been chartered by the Republic of Texas in the 1840's, but there was no college worthy of the name in this part of Texas (both were located further east in Texas at that time - not where they are now).   Salado was on the Frontier of Texas, and Salado College filled a vital need in educating the children and young people of Texas.

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